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In a world, where laughing is everything, in a far away land, formed before dinosaurs, one man… when your life is not yours’s anymore, when everything you know does not match, on a planet far far away in space, one girl…two girls, now, more than ever, in a racing car, with a robot at the wheel.

From the darkness of the Transylvanian underground, one online graphic magazine will invade your toilet room and bring original comics and contemporary short prose that instigates to collaborate and express freely.

Our working technique is based on feedback, on interpretations that know no boundaries.

In 2011, when this contemporary trio project started (Cristina, Codruţa and Oana) we were somehow feminist and totally fed up with press and tv content in our country, we already had internet and we used to do research, after-work and when it was possible: meet and debate-create, exchange homemade marmalade and syrup. Cristina Gagiu makes a stable presence as visual artist and theoretician, she is the fighter, the fireless mother and a great inspiration. Codruţa Cojoc is to be found right now inside my stories as the musical muse, since she is a specialized teacher and a big sustainer of electronic music. In the future I hope to see her open-minded writing published. As for me (Oana) I´m a character developer specialized in psychology and education, with a certain knowledge of the immigration reality. None of us lives in the same place as the other, yet there is a bond.

One day, during a strong debate about the lack of hygiene knowledge, mental pollution and poverty (practically the living conditions in our country, which can also be found in many other countries that register a low economic development), it was kind of obvious that the world needs our help. All started with some collage sessions. The reality we were living was dirty and non-inclusive, (it still is) so we have made BD de Buda. BD as a reminder of the sequential art content in pre-comics times and Buda as far away but ok, inclusive approach. Years have past, the eager to express and reformulate reality remained - Expect mixed language, Transylvanian slang, realistic prose and poetry, experimental and comparative philosophy, street art, trash art, recycling art, grotesque, surrealism, absurd, fantasia, dark humor, SF and cyberpunk, culinary poetry for now and more to come.

Graphic Creators:

Pablo Kopak : tattoo artist, our logo creator, and the first person with whom I ever had a discussion about comics and bd in childhood.

More of his bloody work here

Daniela Cristina Gagiu: a versatile artist that takes advantage of comic derivations of this ordinary-extraordinary life. As a single mother she is an example of woman power, a big survival of the post-industrial realism that is searching for her feminity. In her works she shows-up the 3 stages in a woman´s life and her characters can meet in the same painting, as they would meet in reality, only that this time they will be surrounded by surreal theatrical decoration. In a need to express what is natural and feminine this artist made a strong connection with the opulent exterior, that reminds me of Lorca and Garcia Marquez. Cristina’s style concentrates mostly on the fantastic elements of nature that apparently manages to conquest large periods of time and to bring up knowledge about us. In the last year, with the pandemic pressure, Cristina Gagiu´s work is just amazing, check it out:

More of Gagiu’s charming work here: www.crispaint.blogspot.com

Claudia Chelaru: Visual artist whose style has been described as powerful magical realism. For me Claudia is more of a lyrical illustrator and a lyrical photographer. Her portraits fit into the background, there is always some kind of communication with the plant life. In her latest projects, Claudia Chelaru uses mixed media to generate a form of grotesque style towards horror, she makes a connection between her own East European culture and the Japanesse-grotesque. There has always been a link between these cultures and I can’t wait to see what Claudia does next. Will it be a feminine-delicate perspective of horror?

You can check her work here: https://linktr.ee/claudia.chelaru

Hortensia Mi Kafchin: born in the year of Chernobyl’s disaster Kafchin became an explosive science fiction artist, searching for identity, in a society where trans people are not generally accepted and suffer social exclusion. So that she can find herself, Hortensia Mi Kafchin had to pass through the emigration process. She’s specialized in mixing worlds and identities, elements from East and West, cyborgs and demiurgs, technology and grotesque, Kafka and flowers.


Michi D: changes big surfaces with ease, his vibrant colors bring to life powerful underground symbols, each of his paintings communicates a need for social action. This is the kind of visual artist than can make total sense in graffiti.

More Michi´s works here

Nella Vilímková : tattoo artist from Czechia who enjoys comics, bd and mixed media

We are building together a graphic story called Mind Travelers, I write she draws or illustrates expressive, unpredictable motifs. There’s no limit for the text and no limit for the image. Nella’s line is engaging in deconstruction, shifting from fractal landscapes, distorted, surreal visuals to complex control of space. Her work abounds of highly contrasting colors, metaphysical symbols or she intelligently engages in the horror vacui style, making it impossible to imagine what her art will look next.

More of Nella´s drawings and tattoo´s here

Pneuma Pnea: is some interesting artistic mix: esoteric and futurist all together, with a great sense of humor and social implication. He makes his own amazing graphic books where he presents a solid manifesto. Grotesque shapes are everywhere while the graphic line seeks out the beauty of a dead-end situation or at least some color for the soul. This artist exposes in his graphic work the cruel effects of an abandoned generation, as it is now and the difficulty of finding others like you, sensation of solitude immersed by all the social communist and post-communist oppressions.

You can find 10 of his wonderful graphic books here.

Toni M. : writer, was my friend (not my lover), he helped me with the first blog in 2015 and we wanted to explore issues like immigration and our situation as a lost generation, born in the ´80s, struggling for life in the ´90s and in the early 2000s.

You can find more of Toni´s creative writing here: https://conceptivorblog.wordpress.com/meea/

He also left a legacy, a personalized and interesting travel guide in English, with good tips for a smooth travel and safe vacations. Those intrigued by Romania or Transylvania please check it out. Be inspired, reformulate, yet do not steal, please. Words are immortal, and copywriting exist. Be kind to your self future, the only real competition is with yourself.

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