Ep.3 Wolf

Illustration: Nella Vilímková   
Storytelling: Oana Maroti

Characters: M.C., Kamikaze, The Grey Wolf, some sleepy people

M.C. breathes deeply, spins twice and sees a welcoming grotto. He turns around to the squirrel and says: Kamikaze, tonight, the grotto you see will be our burrow.

Kamikaze is overjoyed and jumps from his pocket to M.C.’s head. The two do not enter the grotto too deeply because it’s too dark inside, instead they remain at the entrance and watch the stars. Many of them were falling. It was a magnificent meteorite rainfall, but it had been an ugly day and they were not in the mood to make wishes. M. C. hoped, before falling asleep, to wake up the next morning as if nothing happened and go to work. He even dreamed of a coffee with his coworkers.

Their sleep was burdened by nightmares. Kamikaze dreamed that all the nuts in the world were empty inside and M.C. woke up scared, he dreamed that he was running and he was very tired. He thought fleetingly that maybe nobody was left alive and he might find an abandoned shop nearby to grab something sweet. The idea of eating a chocolate bar started to entertain him, but to see what lay beyond he had to pass through the grotto.

He built up the courage and entered. It was a beautiful, almost inhabited cave. A few more people slept there. M. C. tiptoed among them: he knew how tired they were after all of the latent events that confused everyone. The cave was actually a comfortable space for a fire at evening and shade during the day. M.C. was happy with his new home.

In the middle of the cave, he saw a white silhouette in the dark. He got closer. It seemed to be a large, grey dog burrowing through the ground. He got even closer. It didn’t look so much like a dog, as much as a wolf, but nothing was frightening about it. Kamikaze didn’t seem to fear it either.

M.C. greeted the Grey Wolf in this thought: Hello.
The Grey Wolf stopped borrowing and shockingly, answered him telepathically: Hello.

I can’t believe I’m speaking without speaking. Do you know what is happening with us and the Earth?

A kind of holocaust of uniformization is happening. So I think.

Holocaust of uniformization?


But who?

Someone with bad intentions, someone with good intentions, or even nature. I don’t know. What I am telling you are just assumptions, but some people haven’t transformed. Not all those who haven’t transformed survived, but there are still those who survived, which means hope for the human race.

Yes, it’s incredible that we survived.

It is neither incredible nor happenstance. I brought you here. I could communicate through dreams with those who have not yet uniformized and still seek nature. You cannot transmit anything telepathically if the molecules towards which you’re sending your messages are unlike yours. I live in the wilderness, I drink spring water and I live a pretty solitary life. I can only communicate with those who are not afraid of living so.

Wow, you saved me!

I did not save you, it was your chemical composition that saved you, that allowed me to enter your dreams. I have only summoned you here.

Did you know what was about to happen?

I have felt for a long time what would be about to happen. I sent the messages into the ether, since I managed to access another dimension.

Join me, I’m going to the store.

There are no stores here.

Then he disappeared. He simply vanished into the wall. I couldn’t see him anymore. I crossed the grotto, hoping to find an abandoned store. I got out of the grotto, running like the wind, as fast as my legs could go. I kept running until I got to a lake and stopped. I realized the Wolf was right and I dropped it. It was time to think differently.

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