Animated Gif: Cristina Daniela Gagiu
Poetry: Oana Maroti

In an infinite space which they don’t even notice,

Surrounded by dust, diseases and hunger, women just go on and on relentlessly, budging the boulder with the force of Sisyphus.

Invisible workers for the family, for the social good…

Their existence seems to pop-up in a life consuming loop, like in a never ending absurd scene where to survive you have to throw away the dust over and over again.

Women could have reasons to be unhappy, yet their ways to find happiness makes them go on and on, like in a spinning wheel.

They don’t have time in this organized, disorganized society, but to look forward, to find the complementary, the simple, fast way, solutions where everything appears as lost.

It’s somehow peculiar, and also relaxing to observe that the one who is smaller, disrespected and silenced by violence has balls and do not give up.

A reminder that real power shows herself in time and it’s not force.

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