Barefoot in the sea

Poetry: Oana Maroti

The lack of sun surely inhibits beautiful, comfortable fantasies and makes people bitter. We have been locked up for more than 2 and a half months.

I remember the feeling of playing barefoot with the waves and it’s so appealing I can’t find anything more attractive to think of.

I decided to go tomorrow morning to the beach, sweet beach, oh yeah!

Tomorrow is today and my dress was prepared since yesterday,

I shall finally see the sea.

I started my 2h walk to the beach half an hour ago and I already saw some interesting stairs designed once for interior, now redesigned to be totally outside, all exposed and I observed a cat portray exhibition on a whole wall, painted in blue, really nice with natural light on and a few steps further a girl stencil with mustache.

The streets have their charm.

While I digest the new visuals I’m receiving from the town walls, I spot mini palms and bottle trees shapes. Here it is.

I reached the beach!

Some peaceful fishermen, wearing masks, were sitting on chairs and fishing from the shore. The distance between them was bigger than 4m since forever, yet they, now, sometimes yelled at each other with the mask on, trying to communicate and look good for the police’s rules routine.

In front of the fisherman’s eyes the water was doing her hypnotic moves, dancing her waves. From time to time small, frightening splashes would finish in fabulous water embroidery that is fast swallowed by the sand.

This beach is a few kilometers wide and with the endless view of the sea, the wind blowing on your face, it looks like an endless story.

Not cold at all!

While I dig my feet in the damp sand, freshly covered with a spiral of foamy water, small colored stones brought by the movement shine like crazy.

The horizon makes an impression of peach pink light and the waves break down at my feet.

Comfortable pleasures are coming!

In a few seconds, the sand becomes perfectly smothered, shiny, leveling. It’s as if the dreamy water motion impulsively tries to keep the shore clean and flawless.
Whenever I see this, my wrinkled forehead instantly smooths.
Finally, relaxed, energy.

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