Heroes and masks

Reality has so many perspectives that with just a few active classic heroes around and without the everyday help we would be in big difficulty.

We lack to observe our real heroes, and it’s strange since many times the classical hero is doing something totally non-heroic and then we feel sad that our hero is not perfect, yet we would not change it’s status…

But then, once changed the status a new hero idea showes-up and it leaves space for association and network forming. He or her represents a social action, therefore they can initiate and keep a team together, that one day might save your ass.

All humans encounter difficult moments in life and we all, in some way or another have our heroes, related to our intimate stories. Everyday hero can be absolutely anyone, no matter the gender, color or economic status.

These people live among us, they are everywhere, experienced, modest personalities that make good stuff around. The heroes of quotidian life don’t necessarily fly or do magic, yet they are there when needed, they don’t just pass by in indiference.

It´s been an year now since I´ve been send the first time to the hospital and there, while waiting for hours with my incorporation blanket, I could see the selection: people not that super-sick, but in pain and with fever going home and others, that already could not breath staying. I was scared in april 2020 and still fell the mark of coronavirus, there are some images that only with special training can be erased.

Finnally, in all my hospital visits from last year the doctors and the doctoras were nice and I could bear easier the whole surreal experience. The fever made it difficult even to spell my name and had no force to walk, luckily the medical stuff was patient with me and gave comfort.

At one point, my hearing was pretty affected and it was impossible to comprehend what I’m being told.

Well, then I very much missed reading lips.

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