Jobless love in time of pandemics

Entering into the end of the week,
A happy day for those who work.
People cheering: It’s Friday, oh yeah!, memes and photos.
In our house, it makes no difference.

Diego just cleaned his glasses.
There’s a sweet smile on his radiant face, that simply makes me feel better.

We are both avoiding reading emails, It’s just too depressing to start your day with a job refusal, or to wait for weeks for a reply. 2 years of job hunting passed, more than that actually and each day it’s kind of the same: extra strength solutions, to maintain the head up.

My partner´s hair is turning grey, mine too. None of us is 30 anymore and last year was tremendous, last year’s memories still smell like clor.

I got sick at the beginning of the lockdown and it felt super-strange because I´m usually an active person. Well, this time my body had no force to stand up, to the level that it was a challenge to hold my cup, to drink water, it felt too heavy.

As I was not always capable of eating-hydrating, without support, Diego helped me 24 hours in 24, not sleeping at times, because when the temperature was going up, it could have reached 39 degrees in less than 2 hours and he was always busy changing sheets, hyper-cleaning and disinfecting the house, making sure that I remained hydrated, that I don’t loose my conscience. He helped me arrive to the closest hospital, when my body-temperature reached the fever level for more than 3 consecutive days.

Bad days and good days alternate, I could feel better and engage in conversations with my friends, then right after that, in about one, two hours reduced communication capacity or no response. It felt like all the words I knew, all languages were simply melting. It took months of training to recuperate all the lost information.

The first fever and insupportable pain attack lasted about 1 week. My senses were obturated, no taste or smell for months and had lost lots of kilos all of the sudden. Diego took good care of me while I was helpless and learned to cook some comfy food. It took months to recuperate energy and strength but I am here to tell about it, to point my hero out.

Strong emotions arise when people are kind to each other.

To soften the day I’m cooking, balkanic style this time, krusty crepes, economic way. 

This is not the first time the recruiting system passed us by and the future seems uncertain. 

I look at Diego´s expressive face and can´t help not thinking that this kind man holds such knowledge and professional expertise that it can intimidate any specialist at any moment and yet, for more than 2 years now it seems that there is no work availability for someone like him.

I´m not at all perfect, you know,
but Diego is.
So how come such potential remains invisible for HR?

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