Cucurucho and swimsuits

Neuronal ralenti, immense heat,
another night has passed sweating,
fighting with the sheets
and dreaming of cooling off
like a mermaid
in a lot of fresh water,
where they serve me a glorious sour cocktail decorated with fruit.
Some things happen by default in dreams
and in real life
Summer makes me wake up early instinctively,
listen to some dark electronic mix while
eating a cucurucho and go out fast,
almost running
towards the sea breeze,
in search of an open horizon,
pump oxygen, swim, float on the waves.

Would follow laying in the sun, listening the rhythm,
applying cream,
drinking sweet water,
admiring the salted water, the boats
and of course all legs
that may pass,
in the visual field.

Lungs filled with fresh air,
mind filed with a pleasant reading and recent images,
eyes set-up in search for seashells,
feet play in the sand and with a ball
while the swimsuit dries on top of the parasol.

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