Back to August 2020, Barcelona empty

While fiestas de Gracia vent virtual, the town´s own general exhibition is more visible this pandemic year.

Without tourists and crowded areas all the impressive buildings and sculptures are the focus, hard work, interesting architecture mix.

Silent Barcelona is not at all boring,
the streets are showing off now.

Ciutadella Park looks so dessert that the homeless people living in the park salute if you pass by.

Sumptuous beauty and tranquility.

Giant Pegasus fountain sculptures covered in green fluffy musk form a semicircle around the royal terrace.
Palm trees…sounds of free birds singing and roaring of animals from the zoo near-by.

5 tables of table tenis, in absolute silence,
no one to play, yet the brain notifies me that I have no registered memories of this kind.
It was so full of players that people used to wait on the grass for a table to be free.
There´s nobody there now, only the ping-pong sound persists, in memory.

2 persons and their dogs passing: the humans wear mask …
at this point I almost pinch myself.
everything changed so fast lately.
I sit on a bench, in front of the lake and take my mask off to have a sunbath.
In front of me, gangs of gooses and ducks are floating peacefully.

On one of these benches a man lost his life recently…
The virus had nothing to do with it,
he was killed by a palm tree.

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