The Amphitryon

Many years ago, after I graduated from university and found a heavily coruppt society and no job, related with my studies, I´ve became an Amphitryon at a tea house.

The world of tea with all its complex aromas was a delight.

One of my activities there was to make people feel as they visit someone´s home and stimulate the pleasure of conversation, explain, show the tea ceremony, anticipate personal tastes.

At times, if there was a small group looking to bound I might propose a certain game to help them know each other better and have some quality time together. From this game, usually the introverts step up as interesting or talented and feel better socializing. It compensates the micro-hierarchy that extroverts tend to impose.

So here I am, pouring the milk into a large crystal jar, mixing it with a hot vanilla rooibos. The group was overjoyed and some people cut the quiet and said:

– There is an intelligence test, why don’t you do it?

Me: I´m a psychopedagogue, I did lots of intelligence tests.

-No, this one, you have to pay for it and do it yourself, not on others.
The smartest people do it and it’s important if you want to find a better job.

Me: So, you´re saying that there is a group of ¨intelligent¨ people doing these tests, the Raven Matrix must it be and those people have access to super jobs.

– Exactly, the condition to be a part of the group is to measure your intelligence.

Now, I knew the Ravens and their accuracy issues, and I knew that in addition to visual intelligence, there are as many forms of intelligence as there are functional analyzers. It seemed like a fascist approach to me, but still, maybe I’m wrong and ask:

– Ok and what do you the most intelligent people do when you get together? I mean if you are so cool I imagine that you could solve social problems just with a brainstorming.

-Ah, no, no, we just get together and enjoy the company, without fools around.

Now, at hearing that my right eyebrow raised in I gave them my critical look and just a few words:

-Then why would I want to be a part of something like that?! My whole mental system is geared to support inclusion, not the other way around. This group you tell me about seems more stupid than smart, sorry.

It seems that even if your body can process all the information, limited intelligence might manifest with all the tests and money.

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