Persimmon perfume and low mobility

The only thing Nelu wants is to see the sky
and find a bench to sit on,
admire the trees.

But he´s in the hospital,
with reduced mobility
and the elevator is not working.

I´m his daughter and I live in another country
but I can walk.

It´s a hot day.
I´m in the park sitting on a bench,
under the shade of a tall tree,
prepared to call my father,
let him hear dogs barking and birds singing,
to help him dream.

The air is full of persimmon scent
and so I tell my father.
He doesn’t know the kaki,
just recognizes the smell of sandalwood
and so I send him pictures
of the tree and its fruits
who are in the park with me.

Pain gets a bit more tolerated
when engaged in curiosity.

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