Female Solidarity

Mural art: Roc Blackblock
Poetry: Oana Maroti 
Sororitat by RocBlackblock

Women smiling,
neighbors kissing…

I so much love this image
as it makes me feel safe.

Unexpected events in life
made it clear
that where the women
do not dig each other,
where the women do not collaborate
to create future perspectives
and sustain one another
that´s a difficult-to-handle place.

As I was told that women are inferior to men and never have seen the logic to such affirmation,
I have spent lots of time approaching people that seemed to have something to say.
My question was always the same:
Do you believe in women-man equality?
Shockingly for several years, all the women I have approached knew that they were inferior and had the same argumentation, that was a non-argument to me,
so I continued my inquiry convinced that it´s just an aberration.

To my surprise, I found one person who believed the same as me.
It was a man.

So, dear, wonderful, spectacular, ninja women
You are not at all inferior,
You have intrinsic adaptation qualities
that surely you do not even notice,
in other words, you are extraordinary.

This world is full of
exceptional females in peripheric roles…
Stay unite
as your Voices are the missing element
that can change everything.

Acknowledge this power and use it
to make yourselves confident and strong,
never against one another.

We are running out of time my ladies
and you are the planetary majority
whose voice is still silent.
Step up

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