Readers in the gardens

Sunny November,
barcelonian exteriors
are more amiable
than the interiors.

Shoes on, book in the bag, water.

Gardens and parks are full
of people, birds, and dogs.
In search for a bench
where I could open my book
I observe that I´m not at all alone
in this quest.

Readers are out, in wheelchairs or occupying benches,
sunbathing with their open books.

Some dogs approaching,
hola, hola! then almost barking bye bye!
I might be communicating more with animals than with people in this big town.

Finally a sunny free bench.
I sit, open my friend-book
written in the author´s original language,
that´s so incredibly pleasant…

Citric fruit on the ground,
the sound of birds arguing in the trees.

I take a good look around
at the solitaires,
each on a separate bench or in his own wheelchair
Surrounded by the garden´s
autumnal pastel colors,
these readers enjoying the sun
are my people.

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