Ep. 2 Iancu and the tea pack

With my eyes glued to the screen, Iancu is reading an interview online from an English magazine:

…one day I will quit smoking as simple as that. And I did, the same way I started smoking. One day I said: Well, smoke is interesting, the smell is horrible, but it is time to try it.

I had my first cigarette on a bench. There were just the two of us. The cigarette, slowly burning and me, wondering about existential issues and coughing madly.

Next day, convinced that I had a special experience, I tried another cigarette. Soon, I discovered that if I smoke more than 4 cigarettes, the nausea disappears. I don’t remember why, but I chose the other way, the smokers world attracted me like flies to shit.

Sometimes U like smoke, sometimes U don’t, that’s the nature’s way.

Restless, after two hours of painstaking accounting, Iancu runs away from his desk to the lunch room which was chock full of his coworkers. He pours hot water into his cup, straight from the fancy corporate water cooler and throws a pack of calming tea into the mug. The water turns vaguely yellow and then becomes orange.

After he sniffs the tea, Iancu wants to take out the pack from the mug. He pulls the string, but the string breaks and the pack stays stuck to the walls of the mug. Annoyed to no end, Iancu explodes into an artistic swearing program in front of the audience while yelling at a pack of tea.

– You get stuck, you piece of shit, you get stuck! Yesterday, no, the day before yesterday, you weren’t getting stuck. Oh now you get stuck!

Morose and frowning, Iancu takes the pack, throws it on the table and thirstily drinks the tea. He burps loudly and stands down quietly.

After the episode, people whisper:

– That was stupid!

– Fail!

– Moron.

A coworker with glasess quietly intervenes:

– He just gave up smoking. Let’s be more understanding. It’s not easy.

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Creative Writer (Food, Fashion, Fiction, Arts, Education, Social, Ecology) Storytelling is my heritage and I have learned English, French and Spanish by my own so that it can be shared with you. Giugulugu means love and Cap it´s head.

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