Ep.1 Better than blood

Collage art: Cristina Daniela Gagiu
Storyteller: Oana Maroti 

Umbra Mirabelei finds Dracula laying on the ground, all red and exhausted, in front of the basement door.

Umbra Mirabelei: What happened, man?

Dracula: I’m sick, man. I couldn’t sleep all day. I have poisoned myself.

Umbra Mirabelei: How come, man? Whit what?

Dracula cries: I saw a commercial for gazpacho and I badly wanted some gazpacho. It looked so tasty!

Umbra Mirabelei: But, man, gazpacho is made with garlic!

Dracula: I didn’t know that. The commercial said that it’s better than blood.

Umbra Mirabelei: Oh, man, TV will kill our people!

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