Ep.3 International Dinner -Saint Nicholas’ Day

Drawing: Cristina Daniela Gagiu
Storyteller: Oana Maroti

Count Dracula disappears for a few weeks from home. The entire village is worried and wonders if something bad happened to him. Umbra Mirabelei, Dracula’s best friend, claims that there is no reason to worry since the recent political and terrorist events have made him sad and the count took a vacation.

A few days before Christmas, every character from Dracula’s village receives an invitation from the count in their mailbox. Umbra Mirabelei reads the invite out loud, in the evening, on the corner of the Cooperative, the town store:

“I wanted to split my fortune to the poor people on Saint Nicholas’ Day, but I did not do it because I thought fortunes are only split upon old age, and I am immortal already. However, being the most rich person in these lands, I wish to invite you, on the occasion of the Christmas Holidays, on the night of 24th December to an International Dinner at my home. Signed: Dracula, and sealed.”

People were amazed because nobody had been invited to the Count’s home before, except for Umbra Mirabelei, who, as a shade, automatically invited herself by nightfall.

Ciosvârcă, dressed in a tight sports suit, ran by the Cooperative and yelled at people:

“See you at the International Dinner!”

The people freeze, perplexed. It was the first time Ciosvârcă, an important football star who moved to the village not long ago, was addressing them. They start whispering:

“Ciosvârcă is going, then I go too!”

They Mayor speaks up:

“Dear people, we all gonna go to this dinner. I say we all bring a plate of food, cabbage rolls or sweet bread, God forbid we starve during Christmas Eve”

The priest added:

“Bless you! I will bring some craft beer, my personal recipe, as I have made a lot of kegs and of course red vine, for all. Nobody has grapes like those of my vineyard.”

The villagers cheered:

“Long live lord priest!”

The days go by quickly and the villagers all gather at the Cooperative in the evening of the International Dinner, well dressed and carrying steaming bundles of food. The procession heads towards the Count’s house…

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