Ep.1 Another world

Illustration: Nella Vilímková Storytelling: Oana Maroti

The M.C. – main character
The Crawling Mens and Womens
The Crawling Dead Neighbour
The Squirrel
The Giant Seaguls


The M.C. in his pyjamas and slippers is preparing his morning tea. He started to drink the tea by looking out the window. The cup of tea falls from his hands and his mouth remains open.

Outside there are people crawling on the buildings, transformed people, with snake tails, dressed in suits.

Men and woman, in a grey atmosphere. They are attacked by giant seagulls, who eat them alive or catch them and fly with their transformed body in the beak.

The M.C. wanted to open the window but didn’t. He just started to run in the room to get dressed. Before leaving, he takes his squirrel from the wall cage and put it into his jacket pocket.

He is wearing a futuristic motorcycle suit. Someone from a picture is siffling.

The M.C. closes the door to his room and starts to go down the stairs. On the lobby he finds a snake-tail-man full of blood and dead.

The M.C. – He must have crawled from outside. Is the neighbor from room 17. Good think that I haven’t worked today.

The squirrel gets scared and panic.

The M.C. runs into the subterranean garage. He jumps into his motorcycle and runs with so much speed that you could not see any straight shape but motion.

Hypnotic motion, that leaves everything behind. Entering into the sunset light and into the sunrise also.

After the sunrise he stops in a fully green place surrounded by water and with his squirrel still in his pocket. The squirrel is so happy and hysterical that destroyed the pocket. After a little walking they were surrounded by cliffs, seashells and water and the dolphins are jumping in the open sea.

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Creative Writer (Food, Fashion, Fiction, Arts, Education, Social, Ecology) Storytelling is my heritage and I have learned English, French and Spanish by my own so that it can be shared with you. Giugulugu means love and Cap it´s head.

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