Found poetry at work MarBella1

Found poetry at work – MarBella
-group experiment-
While I was working for an international company full of interesting people from all over the world, I decided to make a small found poetry project with them, mostly as a reason to socialize. At one point my colleagues were asked to randomly choose some of their favorite words or expressions from Science&Vie Magazine. Thank you guys!
I then played with the words they picked and rearranged them as short texts in English, French or mixed depending on how they would sound better. The result, as follows:

Baryonic dark matter glow

 Young pulsar fires into violent jets of radiation,  
 Stellar swarms, supernovae exploding in swirling particles,  
 I want to ride some particles,  
 I want to ride some blue glitter!
 Tiny neurons in nuclear fusion, The Queen, champagne,  
 miniskirts, vacuum, starving lava heart.
 Skeptic astronomers observe from distance 
 Dense funerary stones, ravages of time,
 shells of an old massive star
 Our telescopes, flashes of energy, X-ray,  
 Layer of dust, the galaxy explodes away.
 Gas jamming, symmetrical stars within the Milky Way,
 Absence at the center, black holes, 
 Signal X from distance. 
 Invisible dark matter, the rise of pulsars, 
 Spinning into space, atractio opositorum.
 Periphery show up, lighthouse,
 Shiny pulsations, rhythmic variations
 Baryonic dark matter glow, antimatter, nature,
 Pan-Gu, gravitation,
 Spacetime, galactic heart, the beat.


Genetically recoded organisms alive,
Synthetic molecules, non-existent in nature before.

Programmed bacteria, it´s like us, now.
Unknown author from an unknown country  

Sans secret

Tranquille, j’observe les tourbillons dominants, 
modélise à s-enfoncer;
L’énergie aquatique soulève orgasmes dynamiques dans l’océan.  

Ah, non!

 One could end up breaking his nose on the ceiling. 
 Yeah, it might happen. 
 Caro (Es)   


 Censored by omnipresence.
 -with this data- 
 Apart from material and euphemisms, 
 We have nothing. 
 Natalia (Ru) 

Therapy in Jupiter

Trans-splicing, hybrids and rhodopsine,
Autosomique dominant, sick gene
Darling protein,
So many tests are made ON man and its defects.
Philippe (Pe)

Parmi les chocs d´electrons le francais erotique

Naissance – geophysique-
La temperature de la formation.
Debut…chaleur magnetique…vibrations…tourbillon.
Georgio (It) 


En levantant les yeux, le ciel regorge de couriosites
Phenomenes etranges…on sait qu´ils n´ont toujours pas la moindre idee de ce a quoi pourrait ressembler
Nuages de gaz
Mystere y encore mystere
La matiere noire ne se cache pas,
Les galaxies, tout etait la.
Oana (Ro) 

No make-up

 Well, here it is, natural women,  
 make-up doesn´t make me,
 moving my bootie and laughing
 makes me look good.

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