Shared Flat

I woke up at 6 am. The alarm hit my head hard. I stood up swearing. I was tired of squealing my neurons, and my body was unresponsive, my neck was stiff, sick.

Somehow, I don’t know how I rushed to a new day and adjusted in my slippers.

The sun hadn’t even started to reveal itself. I woke up before him. What is the logic of life on earth, I wonder, if we work more than the sun. Where are we going to end with this?

I dragged my slippers to the bathroom mirror. Fresh memories of my recent dreams have not yet allowed me to wake up.

Reality made me turn pale when I smelled the stinky damp from a house slipper. I had stepped on something. I suddenly woke up tense and amazed. What had wet my slipper?

As the situation looked and smelled, I had walked into a puddle of urine…shit happens.

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