Found poetry at work – MarBella2

Imaginary lands

By infiltrating the worlds, the avatar´s life reflects the player in the real world.
In the virtual world life is basic, composed of a room and a mirror; as in a laboratory; except that our avatar has confidence in its charm, she or he’s attractive, not like us, for real.

Millions roam in paks from their computer, in search for transformation.


Reinvented future

Erased the traces of its birth
complex molecules, exobiology

Life is sort of weird self-maintenance.


Return to conscience

If you find me in a coma, talk to me
speech can help

I was unconscious for over a month,
for over a month.

The medics made me listen to family voices 
four times a day.

In six weeks my condition has improved.
In seven weeks I was back to my brevity.

Maria (IT)

The road is clear

Strange pulsars… astronomers lead the way.
Supernovae fusion,
Epileptic seizures.

Tiny neutrons between ravages of time and grave stones.
The famous pulsars, X-ray,
stabbing pain,
memory fading away.

Francesco (IT)


Mind-blowing error hypotheses
Black matter, multiplied formation

What we have is brilliant clouds of gas that float too much.

It didn´t last and it´s only the shinny beginning.


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