Ep.7 Monsters and viruses

Illustration: Cristina Daniela Gagiu
Storyteller: Oana Maroti 
Dracula meets Cthulhu. Friendly monster conversation about the coronavirus and normality.

Dracula meets Cthulhu in the vermoutheria. Umbra Mirabelei was on her way out, while Cthulhu enters.

Umbra Mirabelei: Greetings, Cthulhu!

Cthulhu smiling: Hello, my child! Are you leaving?

Umbra Mirabelei: Yes, I´m going to exercise my shadow power on the streets.

Cthulhu: Good, good, my child. Exercise is always nice. See you later!

Cthulhu sits down at Dracula´s table with an impressive speed for such a corpulent rubbery body.

Cthulhu towards Dracula: Hi, Dra, man. Nice reversible mantle you have on, it´s custom made?

Dracula with a straight face: Hi Cthulhu. Thank you, darling. Yes, I made it myself. Okey, I will get straight to the subject. I needed to see you immediately.

Cthulhu with a soft look: No problemo, Dra. I´m here.

Dracula: Well, I´m worried.

Cthulhu: Indeed, you look worried. What´s up?

Dracula: What do you think of this whole coronavirus situation? Will they try to hunt us down even more after all this infected bat story?

Cthulhu: Man, haters will always try to hunt you down, hunt me down. I mean, they don´t call us monsters for no reason, you know. They believe we are evil.

Dracula: They call monsters even their own kind. Those with different genetics or beliefs than what humans consider as being ¨normal¨ are monsters in the haters eyes. Look how they label the impaired people and disrespect the artists…

Cthulhu: You see… that´s it. You already found your answer. The impaired ones and artists are humans indeed, we are not even humans. No protection for us, not even a bit, they will always hunt us down for any reason and that is precisely what makes us even stronger, durable, like legends or myths.

Dracula: Noroc, my friend! So good to see you. How´s home?

Cthulhu: Not complaining. The sea is better than ever. The water is cleaner these days. We manage to repopulate properly. Hahaha! Without humans around, it´s all love down there, baby.

Dracula: Oh, repopulation, such good news, let´s drink to that! By the way, do you prefer sweet or salted water?

Cthulhu with a big smile on his face, arranging his tentacles: I usually do osmosis, but a glass of sweet water would be nice.

They raised and clinked their glasses while in the background Cerrone’s famous song started: Supernature.

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