Ep.1 The Ivory Tower – Cherries

Illustration: Nella Vilímková   
Storytelling: Oana Maroti

In the room the morning light shows up to play besides the curtains. The sad interior plants were quietly rising their leaves, while a mosquito was flying around producing his typical annoying song. From nowhere a strange clap-zap sound, similar to a lighter made the annoying mosquito go away.

Vanili woke up suddenly, the curtains opened, windows largely opened too, birds were chirping outside, the sleepy big black cat that was on the bed made a lazy stretching and a long miaow.

Ana woke up suddenly

Vanili: Oh, what was that metallic sound about?

She looked around and saw Virginia, the insect zapper chameleon slowly walking around the wall. She was well hidden in the background, difficult to spot.

Vanili towards Virginia: Ah, yes, Virginia, that was you. Hmm, maybe I should fix that sound and make it more musical.

While spoken to her, Virginia changed the color into a vibrant blue with points of yellow, green and purple. She was small, but magnificent, even more vibrant than a real chameleon.

Cobaca, the robot, entered the bedroom after knocking. He was wearing a funny kitchen apron and holding a tray.

Cobaca with a masculine voice: Well, good morning beautiful! Here you have your glass of water and a freshly squeezed fruit juice.

Vanili smiling: Good morning Cobaca! Oh, you are a darling, thank you. I like your kitchen apron, so fancy, it´s new?

Cobaca with a feminine voice: Thanks for the compliment, yes, I just made it. I´m glad it cheers you up.

Vanili laughing: Indeed it does.

Cobaca with a masculine voice: Are you ready for your morning flight?

Vanili: Can´t wait, Cobaca, it´s my favorite part of the day. Could you please add some cherry blossom to the construct, from Mica´s memories?

Cobaca with a masculine voice: Of course, right away. Do you want them realistic or just spots of color?

Vanili: Just make them visible, I want to check how the brain reacts.

Cobaca with a childish voice: Any wishes for breakfast?

Vanili: Yes, I know what I want today. Palanetz with fresh cheese and a bowl of cherries, please.

Cobaca confused, with a childish voice: Hmm, searching for palanetz, is it like a pie, is that accurate, something round?

Vanili: It can be like a pie, or like a pizza or a cake, use the receipt from Mica´s memories, she knew how to bake it, just the way I like it.

Cobaca with a feminine voice: Oki doki. I´m on my way. Your new VR construct it´s ready, you can now start the exercise.

Vanili leaving the bed: Will do.

Vanili while petting the cat: Well Tenebrosa, the bed is all yours now, see you later.

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