Tu culo es la música

Humans have found ways to de-stress.

Art can help.

We deal with violent human content every day, people are tensed and showing it. You can hide it and it gets worse, even the parents can loose it. Loving grownups yelling at their children when they can no more and it´s like this…you get pissed off, it´s hard sometimes, it simply is… then maybe you find an activity to change your mind from your heavy existence and not react in a turbulent way. Something must be done for sure.

Something relaxing, like massage, a brain massage, in other words art, because:

Art can relax mind and body.

A well chosen song drives you to the moon and back, a cool book might change your life, yet when it´s you generating ideas and making art in your own way that´s fantastic. You are on the good road to find equilibrium.

If you are afraid of exposure and criticism, because you may think that an artist is someone of high class, elite, someone you cannot be, you are so wrong and Andy Warhol was so right. Each of us has his skills, bizarreness and charm. It is there, all suppressed by dysfunctional patterns, negative criticism and lack of affection. In difficult situations, in which mental pressure is manifested, such as the pandemic that we all know, for example, the best thing we can do is to approach an artistic activity, to practice art therapy.

Accept art in your life as a sport for the brain, communicate your emotions even if in appearance it’s just some shit you want to say.

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