Socată on rocks

It´s a hot day.
She mixes herself a fuzzy socată glacee, while waiting.

-There´s just a little bit more time in the middle, she tells herself.
Soon I´ll take the train
and go, somewhere
I want to go. –

Guitar strings murmur a song line solo,
instrumental poem,
gentle acoustics.

The glass was blurry, cold and made cool sounds
of ice cubes slightly diluting,
crack, break…
Bubbles bubbling carbonated water,
Bloop, blub, soda syrup,
with flowery honey citric mixed bouquet,
intensely nice.

Another sip, a long one…
Gulp, gulp, swallow
freshness, goosebumps
papillary reactions.

Homemade sweet and sour squash,
kombucha – elderflower

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