Moral support letter for those in detention centers or mental health units

Mural Art: Elisa Capdevila
Poetry and photography: Oana Maroti

Imagine yourself facing the sea, looking at the horizon…

Perhaps you will soon realize how small we are compared to the blue abyss,
but as thoughts fly, a transient breeze blows and
boats can change direction.

The sand with its tiny granules massages your feet,
you just have to walk,
step on it.

Your ears are caressed by the rhythm of the water,
you see clouds floating in the sky,
seagulls squawking and realize
that they are actually communicating.

Here, now you are, never alone
a bird, an ant, someone passes, me.
The touches of the wind are real and,
if you close your eyes you can feel them like a hug.

Go ahead, travel in the imaginary alternative, when you can’t otherwise…
Come back,
back to where you stand on your own two feet,
come back now.
Here we are.

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