The Kiss

Graffiti Art: TAPE_FABIFA
Poetry and photography: Oana Maroti

In my first year of high school, I kissed a girl.

When confronted with menaces that I will be kicked out from the ¨prestigious¨ college, I just said:

-She was reading poetry from her beautiful heart and mind.
Of course I fell in love with such a person.
What´s the big deal, anyway? It´s not like I can leave her pregnant.

In that town if a girl remained pregnant before marriage was put to shame all her life or even kicked out of her family.
This happens still.

The attacker was speechless and left.
I finished my school.

Later on I found out that my loved one had a great deal to suffer,
all our letters were burned.

She finished school too, and left the country.
I tried to resist to social pressure,
but in the end there was no job for me.
I had to leave the country too

Love is something that one can feel, like air,
not at all something that another,
from exterior can ever impose.

I was born to breathe, like humans do
and I choose to live where there is air for me too.

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