Long years without ice cream

Illustration: lyelysianne
Story: Oana Maroti

3 long years without ice cream.
just imagine.
Back then ice cream was my 2nd love, after gymnastics.
hard, hard times.

My mother was a divorcee with 2 children
who found herself in the middle
of the economical crisis
without a workplace and was
too proud to ask for help
because she knew that to show so poor meant social stigma.

3 long years without ice cream.
The first year… tremendous.
My body was hurting from the desire.
I used to spend lots of time dreaming
about eating ice cream.
It was just me and the ice cream
in those dreams.

To resist summer salivation while children enjoyed their ice cream outdoor
I have applied the Nastratin Hogea method.
Nastratin was a comical character
specialized in satisfying his hunger just by sniffing the food.
Using this method,
strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla
ice cream great smells traveled
from the children eating ice cream nearby
to the observer and
could transform into taste
via imagination.

In time the olfactory receptors developed
and with the food processing information added
recreating recipes once smelled
it´s easy.

Solo éramos yo y el helado en esos sueños.

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