Street Art and Low Mobility

Arte callejero y baja movilidad

Spending some outdoor quality time is always a good idea as we need those vitamins and natural stimulation, like wind, sound detection, movement, and visual exaltation, but we work too much and the interior spaces are the comfort nr. 1 for now.

Even so, the existence of open spaces with open walls, inside urban areas makes it easier to organize a walking program, take some air, and enjoy the street art or simply a bocadillo break before taking the metro back home.

I was used to paying for a ticket to see an exhibition, often in museums, beautiful architectural places, that have this sobriety included and sadness of some sort, as the light only passes through the windows and well, interiors can be a little too much if you are spending the majority of your life between walls, as per mobility, job, or even preference.

Open spaces galleries offer this incredibly cozy comfort of lower pressure and fewer rules. You can go with your popcorn, with your kids yelling, or your friend the dog, etc. and that´s perfectly fine.

Besides in an open space that uses its walls for creation and space amplification, spontaneous interaction is possible.

In such a space, skates, roller patines, wheelchairs, bikes, etc. are a refreshing and interesting view. It´s cool to see a skateboarding trick and to hear the impact sound between wheels and cement, nevertheless managing a wheelchair dispositive, especially if it´s a manual mechanism also looks like a cool trick to me.

Social interaction it´s possible if you want it, yet being an observer is also ok, as one can dream with his open eyes between painted walls, outdoors, enjoying a sunbath and hopefully some fresh air.

When these plazas also have music incorporated
and the people are educated enough to let wheelchairs pass
socializing can be a pleasure.

Spontaneous events work like a chain placebo effect.
Doctors could easily prescribe outdoor art as a therapeutic activity if they knew about it
and of course, understand it.

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