Bold Vintage Cyberpunk

Mural Art: Anton Seoane + Doctortoy
Poetry: Oana Maroti
- a complementary culture,
the culture of the living -

Time jump,
Ages coexist
to build knowledge.

Great steampunk ladies
your names were sent
to the underground oblivion,
your inventions were boycotted
because of gender or nationality,
general lack of equality.

Yes, we know it

Even with a superficial digging
clear proof of your research
are easy to be found.

Stealing another´s life´s work,
such a serious crime.

In the owl´s omnipresence
those close up visions
from the past
are now integrated
in our internal language.

We can finally continue
what you have started,
implementing a humanistic approach,
the feminine touch,
the power of anticipation
led by complementary principles.

Great steampunk ladies
your gathered visions of the future
build the strongest knowledge bridge
in existence:
a complementary culture,
the culture of the living.

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