Imagery walk from one lateral to another

Mural Art: Dan Kitchener
Storytelling: Oana Maroti

Barcelona, winter, rainy night, city center.
Vis-a-vis of the Apollo building there is almost no one passing by.

The wind is making a strong presence
and people´s sharing ideas brings continents together. Preoccupations as graphic art and comics culture are cute and powerful things to have in common.

I´m in front of Arnau Gallery as I have programmed a special after-rain walk to see the mural paintings the graffiti artist Dan Kitchener made. There are 2 parts of the Arnau building´s lateral walls and this is the first I saw:

From prim-plan, the mural shows an inviting pic of a quiet town.

Even so, taking a bit of a distance
and with the street empty,
this part of the wall is somehow
ironically inviting
in his tranquility
the statue of Alicia in Wonderland across the street
and maybe even the gorgeous poster strippers
near Alicia´s statue
would like some tranquility.

The other part of the Arnau’s gallery side wall is this one and it’s a similar image, but without color, just a black and white ghost line of an urban crowd running in the rain.

On one side, we access a world of colors, on the other a world of shades, lines, and worries.

The graphic side points to a park that has been a large homeless display for years.

I wistfully went to see these murals by Dan Kitchener
for another opportunity to reiterate that
the disadvantaged need a break.

Every unresolved conflict leaves girls and boys vulnerable and people homeless.

Melancholic rain shower,
vibrant sound dedication
for a fair restart.

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