Language – Graphism – Arts – Internal Language

Imitations and limitations

Art fights with everything. The metaphor is so deeply embedded and interconnected that it defies taboos with a single click to share the idea and a lifetime dedicated to making it visible.

Concepts form when lots of information registered by all functional analyzers are processed and connected. The connections can result in an abstract form. Recognizing valuable art in abstract manifestation is less possible for those whose knowledge about abstract art is vague.

¨Repetitio est mater studiorum¨ applies to language algorithms, core elements in the mental structure and it´s a function to use as long as the brain works. Yet repetition, establishing the base is just something small that the brain does. In addition, it registers continuous information with all the analyzers, some conscientiously, others unconsciously.

While the brain works to make connections our bodies move and collaborate. The hands specialized in object manipulation and with about everything or a simple pen can unleash thoughts, form worlds, express creativity. And creativity expresses within the intent of the communication.

A stylo (pen) is like a sword let’s say…it will take some know-about to control. We can use the stylo and draw with it, write, in other words, create and the first step is graphism. Along with language development, we also develop ways to communicate that are somehow unique and become a significant part of each person´s identity.

Since each human develops language and tries to communicate we might say that the potential artist is in every single one of us. The only impediment towards accomplishing a creative autoregulatory language would be if the language automatization instead of being orientated towards personal development to be orientated towards a model imitation.

The limitations of human society derive precisely from following imitative models instead of supporting and guiding people so that they can form and understand their unique internal language.

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